The proverbial you-know-what

The proverbial you-know-what

Friday, April 15, 2011

Tornado Season...Tuck and Roll

This has been the most stressful month of my life. The past 4 wks have been difficult. I got a temp job and lost it because I went home w/an earache one day.The same week I was packing to move. Guess I should have communicated that to my boss. I have been moodier than the usual. A couple of my friends probably wondered if was wacked. I moved in with my whole family, well almost whole family of origin. Minus my father, who's anal narcisstic attitude is now present in my brother.I get more work, and they have sent me home 2 days in a row. I removed my salon nails and got sore fingers for the job. Well they still are placing me so I guess I'll have to be patient. My stomach is in knots, I blew my sobriety several times and I fear a couple of my friends don't wanna know me anymore.
 I am not even supposed to be here. I'm the family member that was snuck in, according to my brother. That in itself, being told to me made me feel like a 2nd class human. But my mother stuck up for me a couple of times, which was a surprise. She's constantly nervous as well. More deets are not necessary, you, the reader get the picture I believe. Still, I guess more work will arrive, because I have been feverishly seeking employment. Turbulent like spring tornados have been my life lately, and I just had to vent.
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