The proverbial you-know-what

The proverbial you-know-what

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Issues and illnesses


I have had the flu, now a kidney infection, and now it's a tossup to see if I avoid strep too. Why is this shit happening to me? Because of heavy family and personal stress. And worries about job and SSI. The unfriendly letters I get from the DOL don't help either.Telling me not to bother w/filing SSI if I'm to work. Been looking AND working these one day here, one day there temp jobs. And a bro who takes his job as a stud-cop too seriously.
I still think that somehow, some way I'll make it. This blog is my novel "Chasing frieght trains" Some of it very graphic in places.
I have done some crazy damn things in my life. Some...well I still can't resist. Interesting huh? Stay I am feeling like total shit right now. Job inquiries must go on..when I'm a bit better. Gotta call to see if there's work tomorrow at the keebler factory. A  sweatshop, but it's money.
My bestie who has not contacted me lately has left me wondering if I will ever hear from her again. Hmm.
Could life get any weirder? Probably.
I still have some hope that life will improve.
Till next time...
 Bruno Mars is a HOTTIE I think this song applies to friendship as well as romance.

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