The proverbial you-know-what

The proverbial you-know-what

Monday, February 21, 2011

Old relationships part 1
Some of the relationships that I have been in are what shaped my life up to now. But this one was the very worst. I met Mark at Sam'sWarehouse club when I was working there as a cashier.veryone called him "Psycho Mark" And this is the rock and roll appearance I was attracted to. He was sexy to me because of his Axl Rose type appearance. Except he had a mullet. I hate mullets, but then in 1992 Georgians still thought that was attractive.
  One think I gotta say about this relationship was it lasted too long because I let it last. I left Sam's and started workng for Rich's/Macy's. Mark was a very nice guy in the beginning. We went to see Metallica and began living together. Then he began to change along the way. He started becoming abusive, and when you don't have much self esteem to began with from the get go, listening to verbal abuse, when heard enough, starts being believed. He used to throw me up against the wall, telling me I'm worthless, and sometimes he would choke me for a second or too. This is not intended as entertainment it's about abuse. I want to help empower women. If I can in a small way I will. It almost sounds like a scene in Revenge Of The Sith, except I'm alive to tell about it. Sometimes he would shove me into the wall, leaving me bruised.  No punchng, but some slapping and he slapped hard. I posted this video because he sang this. Maybe it will do some good  to those still trapped.

  I had taken a stray cat in from outdoors. The cat got sick after a few months and I was going to take him to the vet's office. Mark killed the cat, I tried to stop him but I was afraid he would kill me. He began to tell me he fantasized about killing me and burying me in the backyard. My self esteem was so deprived I drank to cope. He sang a song by Guns and Roses called "Used to love her". He got  a dog and would be kind to the dog after saying I was an ugly bitch. Still I stayed with him. Of course he apologized.  Once after raping me drunk.Then came the day I was so sick from drinking before I lost my job that I checked into rehab. The best decision I made was when I was in recovery and got a roommate in the program. My liver turned out to be toxic. I healed and went on to keep my job and dump Mark. The moral of this story? Once the abuse begins ladies, please leave the relationship. Battered women's shelters exist and they will protect you.

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