The proverbial you-know-what

The proverbial you-know-what

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Up Up and Away: My First Flight

Looking back like it was yesterday, I thought of my childhood. I was 4 1/2 years old , daddy's little girl, and crazy about jet airplanes. I used to stand on the roof of the Knoxville Airport and watch commercial airliners take off. I fell in love with the sleek metal birds.
"When am I getting to ride in a jet daddy?" I ask him. "Soon Suzanne, we're going to fly to Connecticut. Me: "Oh boy!"
My first flight. I'll never forget it We walk up the metal steps connected to the plane. It's United Airlines, my favorite airline. Why? I have no clue. Pretty stewardesses greet us at the door. I wanted to be a pilot, but dad said only men were pilots. Mom had my baby brother in tow.
Now I know the servers aboard planes are called flight attendants. But this was 1969 and this is how it was back then.
"What a cute little southern belle you have there!" One said. I was wearing my ruffled dress and ruffled panties. They had wings on their orange polyester dresses, and one gave me a pair.
I got to sit next to the window next to my dad. He pinned my wings on my dress and I was so excited I couldn't contain myself.
At home pictures I drew of jet airplanes and stewardesses were on the back of the kitchen wall. Mom had pinned them up.
Anyhow, I will never forget how excited I was when the plane took off. I enjoyed riding that giant bird. Elevator music sounded in the background, and I enjoyed looking at the ground below, the majestic clouds as we flew right through them, and I began to visualize myself as one of those pretty stewardesses doing my glaourous and sophisticated job..I was a kid what did I know? I thought saying the word "suspicious" was glamourous and sophisticated. Ok so I was a glamourous, sophisticated stewardess in this fantasy telling every one of my passengers how suspicious I was. *laughs*
When we got off the plane I was worried bout the souvenir I had left the airline. I had peed in my seat, afraid to go the the bathroom for fear I would fall out of the plane.
And now flash forward some fourty years later. Im a suspicious adult who is also cynical and wondering when I'm flying away from my podunk purgatory.
Till next time...

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  1. You will fly once your wings are strong. Soon...I think. :)